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Agbedidi 2017

UF School of Theatre + Dance

Constans Theatre

Director: Trent D. Williams,Jr | Lighting Designer: Natori Cummings-Haynes | Scenic Designer: Peta McKenna | Contemporary Costume Designer: Cout Rogers  |  

West African Costume Designer: Jade Campbell | Stage Manager: Amanda Van Meter Burch | Choreographers: Mohamad Dacosta and Trent D. Williams, Jr | Photographed by: Suzanna Mars 

Design Statement

Agbedidi  is an annual dance production at the University of Florida. Agbedidi celebrates the fusion and diaspora of African dance cultures and showcases work featuring both contemporary and traditional West African dance by African American choreographers. The high energy of this production allowed for lighting to use bold rich colors  to create a joyous environment.

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