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New Slate 2018

Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Claire Trevor Theatre

Choreographers: Radhanath Thailin, Connor Senning, David McMahan, Danielle Snyder  | Lighting Designer: Natori Cummings-Haynes| Production Stage Manager: Joseph King |

Photographed by: Skye Schmidt

Design Statements

New Slate 2018 is a dance production comprised of original choreography by the UCI Graduate dance candidates. Rasa Sayang is inspired by memories, preserving your own culture, and identity. The lighting used warm color tones and textures to create a sense of the past and to give a photographic feel. Enough for Us uses the dancers to tell a narrative about the strength and capabilities of these two women after they are free from others telling the story for them. Lighting grew around the dancers to emulate freedom and strength. heIshethemwe explores the we, as human beings, are all universally the same underneath. The lighting begins in a stark sterile look then transitions to a warm more inclusive world. His You, Her You is inspired by a one-sided perspective of the different stages of a long term relationship. 

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