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Sweeney Todd



The objective of this assignment was to design a selected musical from scratch using Vectorworks and Lightwright to push that information to a visualization software, Vision. Vectorworks and Lightwright in conjunction with the previsualization software, Vision, are used to create virtual designs.

Lighting Script Treatment

The lighting script treatment is a document that represents the overall lighting ideas that I will be implementing throughout the show through a scene by scene breakdown of the script. Throughout this document research images are used to help support how lighting will convey certain moments in the show. 

Click here to view the Lighting Script Treatment.


God That's Good
Not While I'm Around
Johanna (City on Fire)
God That's Good
Not While I'm Around
Johanna (City on Fire)

Final Lighting Package

The Final Lighting Package contains the plots, cheat sheets, hookups, inventory counts, cue sheets and procedures needed to fully remount the lighting design for the production.

Click here to view the Final Lighting Package.

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