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Swamp Dance Fest!

UF School of Theatre + Dance

G-6 Studio, McGuire Pavilion

Director: Trent D. Williams, Jr | Lighting Designer: Natori Cummings-Haynes | Costume Designers: Kayla Lopez and Amanda Moore | Stage Manager: Jacquelyn Pritz | Choreographers: Duane Cyrus and Joanna Mendl Shaw | Photographed by: Suzanna Mars

Design Statement

Swamp Dance Fest! is a four week intensive that is intended for pre-professional dancers ages of 18 and above. After Image, choreographed by JoAnna Mendl Shaw, is an experimental work to address the shared territory between dance-making and drawing. Throughout the piece the dancers are using graphite to draw on the paper on the floor. Rescue, choreographed by Duane Cyrus, used a method for creating performance material called Theatre of Movement that was developed by Duane Cyrus. The dancers used movement, voice, and technology to create the piece performed.

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