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Hoodoo Love
Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Little Theatre

Director: Tamiko Washington | Lighting Designer: Natori Cummings-Haynes | Scenic Designer: Tyler Scrivner | Costume Designer: Matthew Darryl Martinez |

Sound Designer: Ezra Anisman | Production Stage Manager: Arielle Singer | Photographed by: Paul Kennedy

Design Statement

Set in Memphis during the 1930s, Hoodoo Love is the story about Toulou, an inspiring blues singer who uses the power of hoodoo and hexes to get her lover to stay with her. However, these magical abilities come with consequences that Toulou must now deal with as the hoodoo wrecks havoc on the world around her. Lighting helped move the narrative and guided the audience through the passage of time while supporting the moments of magic. The lighting used subdued color palette to create a warm and cozy town, while also using shadows to create a murky tension filled world. The supernatural and magical world was supported by lighting surrounding the space with swirling textured and unnatural colored lighting.

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